What Can Be Done To Prevent Your Credit Card Information

It is the responsibility of the consumer to keep credit card information and not to share important information such as passwords and CVV codes with anyone else. Consumers are responsible for ensuring security, except for problems other than leakage of information as a result of cyber-hacking of the bank or payment system.

There are some things that can be done to secure the credit cards and paying attention to these details will prevent most victimization. Nevertheless, it would be beneficial to be cautious about payments and other financial issues.

How Is a Credit Card Password Protected?

How Is a Credit Card Password Protected?

Certainly, easily predictable birthday, school number, etc. of the credit card password. It should not consist of numbers. Knowing the credit card password gives the opportunity to make transactions like credit cardholders in many subjects including pos device and telephone banking. Therefore, it is very important that the credit card password is not shared with anyone and consists of mixed numbers.

It is necessary to ensure that people do not look at your card password, especially if the password is dialed on POS devices, if the password is not shown to anyone, and this and similar situations will occur.

If you are determining a password to be used for online payments, it should be ensured that it consists of both letters and numbers and that an unpredictable combination is caught.

Considerations When Paying On The Internet

Considerations When Paying On The Internet

One of the subjects that makes everyday life easier is virtual pos. These POS devices enable consumers to make payments to various institutions over the internet from their home and are used by more and more people.

To ensure the security of the information, it should be ensured that the paid website is the correct website. Recently, the type of fraud called fishing, which is called a fishing line, is used quite frequently. These fraudsters make an exact copy of the website of an institution that receives frequent payments over the internet and advertises in various channels.

Consumers who think that the institution logs on to the website by clicking on these ads only enter the duplicate site and, if they make keystrokes such as credit cards and passwords, they deliver their information directly to the fraudsters.

The website to be paid must have the https: // link and the security certificate should appear on the left side of the address bar. It is also important to carefully examine the website address and make sure that no lower case changes are made.

If things have gone wrong and information has been delivered to fraudsters, the bank should be called directly and connected to the lost stolen line without losing any time.

The customer representative must be told that the information has been obtained by fraudsters and the card must be canceled.

Within a few seconds

Within a few seconds

The entire transaction will end and the transaction will become unavailable with the card information.

In addition, you can only request payment in 3D for credit cards and ATM cards. If you say that you want your online payments to be paid in 3D after calling your bank, SMS verification will also be required for all payments to be made from your credit card shortly.

Since SMS verification is a two-factor verification, even if the credit card information is available, the operation will not be possible because the message is not accessible.

Official loans not only for civil servants



The official loan is aimed only at civil servants, but other professional groups, which are equated with civil servants, can also use the official loan. What is important for the banks in the classification is primarily an (almost) non-terminable, permanent employment relationship with a roughly constant high income.

Who can get an official loan?

Who can get an official loan?

From the banks’ point of view, not only civil servants per se are “fully-fledged civil servants”, but also civil servant candidates, probationary civil servants, civil servants or academics, because ultimately the civil servant loan does not distinguish the target group , but rather the double protection of the loan. There are three different groups:

Officials for life

– Teacher,
– judges and judicial officers,
– administrators, postal officials and finance officers,
– Police officers and officials in the Border Guard,
– Firefighters and (time) soldiers as well
– probation officers

Employees in the public sector

– civil servants and
– Civil servants
with a minimum period of employment of 5 years each.

Academics on a par with the above groups

– tax consultants and lawyers,
– Doctors,
– auditors / business economists as well
– architects
who have been able to demonstrate permanent employment for at least 5 years.

Does it have to be an official loan?

Does it have to be an official loan?

Even if the official loan, unlike other loans or a mortgage, offers unrivaled interest rates (up to 50% below the market interest rate for other customers), it should be questioned whether it must be an official loan. In this way, other loans similar to civil servant loans can also be secured with a life insurance and the repayment can only be restricted to interest.

As a result, the official loan, even if the interest is initially cheaper, is in the end hardly cheaper than other loans, because the lack of repayment of the loan amount does not reduce the interest burden over the years. The possibility that the higher interest burden and the additional costs will ultimately be offset by higher distributions from the capital-building life insurance is by no means certain – one must also be aware of this before taking out the civil servant loan.

Instant loan supported Finland over the recession

In an article published in an interview with Olli Rehn, which dealt extensively with the post-financial crisis debt growth. In the interview, Rehn highlighted the correlation between the rise of the recession and household indebtedness. Now it has finally been said by someone.

The role of instant messengers, consumer credit and credit cards as drivers of growth has been obvious. The same trend of indebtedness can be seen in our western neighbor Sweden. In both countries, household indebtedness has been strong in recent years.

“- The indebtedness of Finnish households is at a record level when used as a measure of debt relative to annual income. At the turn of the millennium, debt was well over 60 percent, now 128 percent, ”says Olli Rehn.

Household incomes are increasingly being used as housing costs


Low-income people are, of course, the first to feel the increase in fixed costs. However, suction in growth centers is often achieved through large housing company loans. New homes are traded for a small fee and for the first two years of repayment leave. After two years, the loan management costs are already quite high in an average 400k USD apartment.

Everyday expenses and purchases will be financed by credit cards and interest-bearing financing options in your wallet. Bank loans and credit cards are in the pipeline, additional spending is ultimately financed by instant loans and instant loans. Anything else goes towards financing the increased standard of living.

The equation cannot stand the setbacks to the personal income that everyone had to experience in bad years. Weak financial years were spent on hand-to-mouth and closing gaps in credit cards and consumer credit. At the same time, the dollar area was revived by central banks.

“The stimulative monetary policy has been justified in order to avoid a deep recession and deflation. One had to realize that it had its own consequences. The challenge now is to ensure that households are able to properly assess their borrowing capacity. ”

“- The biggest concern is that mortgage loans are used to market new homes at a relatively low cost. In a few year’s time, a single-family will be able to pay off both full financial consideration and substantially higher interest rates. ”

Without a positive credit record

Without a positive credit record

The problem will escalate with the coming recession. And it’s already at hand. The gradual rise in dollar area interest rates, coupled with weak Finnish competitiveness, will continue to cause labor market shocks. These shocks will continue to shake debtors in an unprecedented way. Accustomed housing prices are at risk when you have to give up a home that is too expensive, dictated by necessity.

The debt burden can trigger a domino effect that goes to the heart of banks through the housing and mortgage markets. Big mortgages can peel off the junk that shakes the banking sector. The Good Finance banks and the housing market are linked through financing. Indeed, this time the financial crisis can start with private households.

Credit Scores Become Determinants of Your Credit Received

The rapid progress of transportation technology responds to manufacturers and distributors of motor vehicles competing extra. Purchasing on credit is one of the positive solutions to meet the current demand for consumer vehicles. This also makes the financial institutions to conduct a series of credit analysis of credit applications for prospective consumers to anticipate the amount of credit risk that will occur.


Credit Scoring is one of the mediations

Credit Score

In analyzing the feasibility of potential consumer credit facilities. In this study, there are seven test variables used in this study, namely, approval variables, advances, OTR prices for interest on loans, payment tenor, vehicle conditions, and gender. The results of the research that were carried out turned out to only have four variables that influence the decision on the approval of credit facility eligibility, namely the down payment variable, OTR price, loan interest, and payment tenure.

Although the public is facilitated by special offers with affordable advances, the company also carries out a series of credit analysis processes for each consumer who submits a loan application before approving it. The series of processes begins with the vertel process, namely the existence of customer application documents to the dealer, followed by bringing surveyors to the homes of each consumer to request customer document requirements. Then it will be followed by a credit analysis conducted by the company. The credit analysis process in the process requires time that is not short.


Motor vehicle credit business and the limitations to analyze consumer credit

Motor vehicle credit business and the limitations to analyze consumer credit

Documents per day encourage the company to innovate and improve the existing credit analysis process. The process innovation and improvement referred to is by trying to make a credit scoring model (Credit score) that is not yet owned by the company, then the model will be used to help provide the results of a proper credit worthiness analysis of applications for consumer credit per day.

Credit scoring obtained will be useful for the company in determining the eligibility of credit, for example, consumers want to apply for car loans, consumer credit scores will be seen more precisely and faster. The company’s decision to accept or reject a consumer credit application is based on a credit analysis or credit score as the Giant Score provides based on the document forms that have been filled out by potential customers.

The form contains all the detailed information about the personal prospective customer, starting from the name, marital status, income per month, up to the expenses that must be spent by prospective customers each month. In many cases of scoring systems, with a high value of scoring will reduce the value of risk, and the crediting company that provides credit services can determine the calculation limits for accepting or rejecting consumer credit applications based on the value of risk owned by the consumer’s digital credibility.

Finances and loans impossible or difficult to obtain

Loans difficult to obtain or impossible – what and what they are and why they are called so!

Loans difficult to obtain or impossible - what and what they are and why they are called so!

The large IT financial phrasebook has been enriched for some time with new and new search terms, ie “impossible loans” where a group of well-defined credit operations are identified with this phrase. This way of calling a part of the credit arose spontaneously between banks and financial brokers to identify a whole series of loans and the like that generally have a negative answer.

In essence, these are all those applicants to whom it is very difficult (but, we add, not impossible) to grant funding. That’s what they are called for this! What are the impossible or difficult to obtain loans? These can be divided into two large types depending on whether: 1) they are already reported to some risk center which presupposes that they have problems with the payment of past debts; 2) others who, although “clean”, do not have the minimum conditions for obtaining credit. Let’s see what they are and what possibilities they have to get credit.

What are impossible loans? 

What are impossible loans? 

1) To the first type of loans difficult to obtain belong all the loans to reported cai and loans to reported crif which are already considered as loans for bad payers to which are added the loans to foreclosed loans to protest and loans to bankruptcies which they are already included in special lists.

2) In the second category of difficult and / or impossible loans we find respectively loans for unemployed, loans with no demonstrable income and loans without paychecks which have difficulty getting credit even if theoretically they are people with a financially immaculate past! What to do in such cases? In addition to the alternative solutions indicated above, we indicate others that have a little in common with all the impossible loans, that is, the exchanged loans and credit cards without a current account

Money within 10 minutes to your bank account


The speed at which non-bank loans are handled today literally attacks all records. If you do not believe, you can easily try everything for yourself. Apply for a microcredit and decide within the next few minutes – you can still have the requested funds in your bank account on the day you apply, no problem!

Ask, wait for approval, you will learn everything in a matter of minutes

Ask, wait for approval, you will learn everything in a matter of minutes

All without risk, you just need to choose the right one. You can take the loan for anything you want, money within 10 minutes of approval is not a dream, but a normal everyday reality. So you have a lot of possibilities, on the market there are even several dozens. However, you should adapt the selection to a few basic advice that is very important. So what are they?
Above all, you need to be clear about who you are dealing with.

If you do not have the certainty, look for any information about the lender to take a picture. References provided by former clients in various discussion forums or online counseling are literally priceless. You will find out who you are honored with if it is a company with an address that you can visit in case of problems. Without a branch of the company certainly does not play something, it would not be good if you find out after you are in the middle of the payment schedule and there are problems, right?

Compare interest rates, but not only about them is of course the ideal loan

Compare interest rates, but not only about them is of course the ideal loan

The comparison of interest rates is very important, you could even say that the most important criterion for choosing a suitable loan. But it’s not a real alpha and omega, you just need to know a little bit more about the loan so that you have more reasons to arrange it. For example, if the interest rate and APR differ radically, something is wrong. Why? The difference is the fees your provider charges. Either they are zero – or quite essential. If the APRC and the interest rate vary a lot, you are immediately clear that this is not the only way to rationally go…

It doesn’t matter what you borrow for – it is a non-purpose loan

Borrow money and explain why? Something like this is definitely not the norm today, with such behavior you practically do not meet, there is nothing to worry about! In addition to having an instant calculation of exactly what your loan would look like, you can be sure no one will ask anything.

The personal reasons why you are negotiating the loan are by no means resolved by the non-banking provider. It can be a payment of postal orders for a mobile flat fee or electricity supply, but also a vacation somewhere in the the country, or it can get to other things, such as the purchase of electronics. The whole matter is very discreet, so do not worry that something spicy will find out, for example, a curious neighbor who constantly looks out the window and likes to ask what’s new.

The loan application is completely free of charge, no additional fees apply

The loan application is completely free of charge, no additional fees apply

Money within 10 minutes of approval and of course not just that! Nowadays you do not even have to pay any additional fees, it will only and only the principal of the loan plus interest. These put together an amount that you should ideally return by the specified date. The fees associated with handling a loan or even maintaining a credit account are totally out of the game, with no space at all in the modern world of lending.

If a provider exceptionally wants to count them, you do not need to agree to a similar agreement. Elsewhere, there are a lot of those that don’t pay at all and drop them right out of their vocabulary. Exactly, it is advisable to turn, because at present there is no reason to pay, for example, a hundred dollar a month only for simple maintenance of a credit account.

I Have Canceled My Credit Card Can I Reopen It

It is possible to cancel the credit card for different reasons, but reopening may not be possible in some cases. Therefore, it is imperative that consumers know that they need to undergo different procedures depending on why they close their credit cards.

Therefore, the issue of whether the credit card, which is closed under different titles for different scenarios, can be reopened, will be discussed below.

My Credit Card Was Lost, I Found It Can I Open It Again?


Some banks do not cancel directly and temporarily close them, in case consumers who lose their credit cards can find it later. Not all banks do this, but banks that do so do not explicitly say they do. Therefore, when you find the credit card that has been closed as lost, you can contact your bank and find out if anything can be done.

Often, when the card is lost, a new credit card is asked if it is required. If you have said that you do not want a new credit card, you will need to apply for a new credit card most of the time and you cannot put your old credit card into use.

Temporary blocked or canceled?

Another point where consumers are confused is that turning off the card is not the same as canceling the card. The credit card, which is already closed for use, is not used in any expenditure or appears in questioning, just like it has been canceled, but if it is desired to be used again in the following periods, the temporarily blocked card can be reopened.

The reason for this confusion is that consumers do not have a command of banking terminology, whereas bankers often have to talk about terminology.

Why Can’t I cancel my Credit Card?

Why Can

If consumers declare that they want to cancel their credit card, the bank is obliged to do so, and this becomes a situation that concerns not only the bank but also other banks. Because, transactions related to loans, credit cards, checks, and notes are made accessible to every bank in our country, and a partnership is established on intelligence.

Therefore, when an order regarding the cancellation of the credit card is issued, this will be processed instantly, causing other banks to be notified. All that remains is account movements that must be kept for 10 years in accordance with the legislation.

In order for the canceled credit cards to be reopened due to the limitation related to the credit limit, it is necessary to re-apply and follow the necessary procedures. As can be understood, there is legislation prepared to reopen the canceled credit card and the bank must also comply with this legislation.

It is also not possible to provide the canceled credit card number again. Therefore, automatic payment orders issued with this credit card will also need to be transferred to newly acquired credit cards. This is the responsibility of the consumer, not the bank, it is very important not to forget, to avoid delays.

How Is The Debt Of The Canceled Credit Card Paid?

How Is The Debt Of The Canceled Credit Card Paid?

Another issue that confuses is how to pay the canceled credit card statement. It is possible to make payments regardless of the reason the card was canceled. The consumer to pay will be able to pay the debt from the branch just as if the card is active.

For some credit cards delivered under the deposit account, it is possible to pay the debt over the internet, even though the card is canceled. Since this situation may vary from bank to bank, it would be useful to ask for confirmation from the call center.


Find a cheap credit card

Credit cards are more than a practical means of payment, and in many cases, especially in international purchases or for deposit as a security deposit, even in Germany. It is therefore no wonder that the number of credit card owners is increasing steadily, and with it the number of offers themselves. However, a credit card is not the same as a credit card – the details and conditions at which the card is offered are always important, which makes it necessary to compare the offers in advance.

It is important to pay attention to the different factors that make a credit card a “good” credit card. This includes:

  • the number of acceptance points worldwide
  • the amount of the annual fee
  • the cost of deploying abroad
  • withdrawal fees
  • possible partner and bonus programs

The fees for a credit card are primarily fixed at the point “annual fee” – at least if the credit card is used primarily in Germany and not for withdrawing money, but for payment. On the other hand, if you want to use your credit card regularly at ATMs and abroad, you must also pay attention to the fees when using the card for the respective purposes.

Free credit cards

Free credit cards

The DKB Visa card is mentioned again and again because it does not incur an annual fee. Otherwise, it can score with attractive conditions:

  • Withdraw cash free of charge worldwide
  • worldwide acceptances
  • issued in connection with a free DKB cash account
  • credit interest 1.65%
  • DKB club awards
  • Immediately 1000 Dollar overdraft facility

The DKB Cash account can be applied for easily online – however, the legal age and creditworthiness are required when issuing the credit card.

Cheap credit cards

credit cardscredit cards

In addition to free offers, there are of course also cheap credit cards, which often have to pay the low annual fee due to attractive partner offers – to what extent it is a profitable business depends, of course, on the personal shopping behavior of the card owner.

An example of credit cards that fall into this range would be the fairly popular Amazon credit card, which is free for the first year and is priced annually from 20 $ the following year. The big plus: Customers automatically collect bonus points when shopping, which can be converted into Amazon credit, or which can be credited as credit to the credit card itself.