I Have Canceled My Credit Card Can I Reopen It

It is possible to cancel the credit card for different reasons, but reopening may not be possible in some cases. Therefore, it is imperative that consumers know that they need to undergo different procedures depending on why they close their credit cards.

Therefore, the issue of whether the credit card, which is closed under different titles for different scenarios, can be reopened, will be discussed below.

My Credit Card Was Lost, I Found It Can I Open It Again?


Some banks do not cancel directly and temporarily close them, in case consumers who lose their credit cards can find it later. Not all banks do this, but banks that do so do not explicitly say they do. Therefore, when you find the credit card that has been closed as lost, you can contact your bank and find out if anything can be done.

Often, when the card is lost, a new credit card is asked if it is required. If you have said that you do not want a new credit card, you will need to apply for a new credit card most of the time and you cannot put your old credit card into use.

Temporary blocked or canceled?

Another point where consumers are confused is that turning off the card is not the same as canceling the card. The credit card, which is already closed for use, is not used in any expenditure or appears in questioning, just like it has been canceled, but if it is desired to be used again in the following periods, the temporarily blocked card can be reopened.

The reason for this confusion is that consumers do not have a command of banking terminology, whereas bankers often have to talk about terminology.

Why Can’t I cancel my Credit Card?

Why Can

If consumers declare that they want to cancel their credit card, the bank is obliged to do so, and this becomes a situation that concerns not only the bank but also other banks. Because, transactions related to loans, credit cards, checks, and notes are made accessible to every bank in our country, and a partnership is established on intelligence.

Therefore, when an order regarding the cancellation of the credit card is issued, this will be processed instantly, causing other banks to be notified. All that remains is account movements that must be kept for 10 years in accordance with the legislation.

In order for the canceled credit cards to be reopened due to the limitation related to the credit limit, it is necessary to re-apply and follow the necessary procedures. As can be understood, there is legislation prepared to reopen the canceled credit card and the bank must also comply with this legislation.

It is also not possible to provide the canceled credit card number again. Therefore, automatic payment orders issued with this credit card will also need to be transferred to newly acquired credit cards. This is the responsibility of the consumer, not the bank, it is very important not to forget, to avoid delays.

How Is The Debt Of The Canceled Credit Card Paid?

How Is The Debt Of The Canceled Credit Card Paid?

Another issue that confuses is how to pay the canceled credit card statement. It is possible to make payments regardless of the reason the card was canceled. The consumer to pay will be able to pay the debt from the branch just as if the card is active.

For some credit cards delivered under the deposit account, it is possible to pay the debt over the internet, even though the card is canceled. Since this situation may vary from bank to bank, it would be useful to ask for confirmation from the call center.


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